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Nov. 25th, 2005

09:17 am

I can't believe I did this but I liked the pictures. I should really read this book. I miss reading for fun, one more reason I'm not liking school right now.

You scored as Carrot Ironfounderson. You are Captain Carrot Ironfounderson of the City Watch in the greatest city on the Disc � Ankh-Morprok! A truly good natured, honest guy, who knows everyone, and is liked by all. Technically a dwarf, but only by adoption. You�d rather not be reminded that you are the true heir to the throne, but that does explain why people naturally follow your orders�


Carrot Ironfounderson


Gytha (Nanny) Ogg


The Librarian








Cohen The Barbarian


Commander Samuel Vimes


Lord Havelock Vetinari


Esmerelda (Granny) Weatherwax


Which Discworld Character are you like (with pics)
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Oct. 17th, 2005

08:02 pm - Letter to the President

Dear President Bush,
I just wanted to thank you for the most wonderful thing you have done for all Americans by taking your seat in the Whitehouse. By doing so you have lowered the bar for not just Americans really but people all over the world. As a college student struggling to get by and hopefully graduate in under 7 years, I am able to sleep easier at night knowing that even if I don't do so well in my college statistics class, I can still have a successful career in politics. Before you took office, even the constant threat of terrorist attacks seemed trivial with exams breathing down my neck and the fear of failure. Thankfully your inability to string two words together to make coherant sentences, and poor decision making have made me feel more comfortable with my own intellect. Now I rest easy with the thought, "Hey, at least I'm not retarded, and even if I was, I could still be president." My worries have gone from exams, homework, my job, and other intellectual pursuits to Nuclear attacks, thats nu·cle·ar, Mr. President. Before you took the helm in the oval office I never worried about these things. God bless you George W. Bush, thanks for everything.

P.S. This letter can also be found at the new blog on my homepage www.bobonthenet.com

May. 2nd, 2005

07:30 pm - Stuff

Hey I know everyone misses me terribly when I don't write in here so here I go. I'm still alive even though you haven't heard from me. Although I just had some cambell's alphabet soup that I think must have been expired or something cause I feel like I want to barf. I'll just have to drink some alchohol to kill the bacteria, that always works! I'm done with school for the semester. I'm feeling fantastic about that. I didn't take a spring class cause I figured I would work a ton and I was going to go to Tennesee with Dennay's family. Well now I'm working two days a week spending the rest of the time sitting on my ass doing nothing mostly and there is going to be no tennesee. So I'm pissed off that I didn't take a spring class. Oh well I should still be able to graduate next spring. Biggest new thing going on in my life right now is that I have volunteered to help coach soccer for Jack's place for autism. Its like the coolest thing ever. I feel so awesome after playing with these kids, they are really great and I'm learning a lot. I was told that I might possibly be able to get internship credit for volunteering which I didn't know before. I have to check with the Psychology advisor first before I find out though. I'm learning to draw right now. My drawings really are bad, but I have finally after hours of practice have producted some figure drawings that I can actually bear to look at. I think that since I have passed that threshhold if I stick with it I should be making decent drawings in no time. I'm usually a patient person but when it comes to doing this drawing I'm not. I can't stand that I have the coolest picture in my mind and I just can not seem to put it on paper. I am going to try and stick with this though and hopefully I will be creating good looking original works of art by the end of this summer. I know they won't be great but they should be good anyway. So yeah I went on about that for a while. I guess its not that big of a deal. My next step is that I want to make web cartoons with Flash. Now that will be cool. Well my sitcoms are going to be on in a few minutes so I'm signing off now.

Mar. 2nd, 2005

09:49 am - Class, Birthday, DVDs, Money and my book

I was doing pretty good at updating for a while there. I haven't totally forgotten about my livejournal though. I have been pretty busy and this has been a tough semester at school. I will make it through though. Yesterday I was feeling pretty down about school cause I am having a lot of trouble in one of my classes but I know that I will make it one way or another. I have also been thinking that I've been so stressed about this one class that I have been somewhat neglecting my other classes. I would rather fail this one class and retake it than fail all my classes. The other ones I have really aren't that hard. Yeah and so my birthday is coming up. My party is going to be at Applebees, Sunday, March 13th at 7. I thought Ava's party was cool so I just decided to to the same thing. The only thing I want from people for my birthday is writable DVDs I have more CDs than I will use in this lifetime but I need more DVDs cause I use a lot of those for my downloaded television shows. I will probably use a bunch of them to back up the data on my computer too. Mid winter break is coming up next week. I am really looking forward to it. I need the time to first catch up in my classes and then I also need to recouperate from the stress I've been having this semester. The good news is that even without working and stuff I am having no money problems what so ever. I don't have hardly any money to spend but I don't really need that much and all my bills are paid. The last thing I want to make sure I mention is my book. Its coming along but I wish I didn't have so much trouble writing. One thing that makes it hard is that I have so much else going on. Its also just hard to write. It eventually becomes work and then its just not fun. Once I start writing stuff down the ideas just seem to stop flowing naturally like they usually do. It becomes work and the ideas just stop. I have to squeeze them out like the last little bit of toothpaste in the tube. Cool metaphore. I am hoping to finish it by the time my spring semester is over and then spend the summer trying to get it published. Well I must go, I am going to try and get to class early today.

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Feb. 8th, 2005

08:20 am - What a great Weekend.

I have to write what I did over the weekend. I wish I had more time to do so because this whole weekend was pretty awesome. Saturday started out like any normal Saturday. First I had work but that went by pretty quick and it was as good as you could expect a work day to be. Then I had the Winter Ball at Meadowbrook. That was so much fun! First my friends and I went to eat at Papa Vino's, we had a great time there, I have to say that I have an awesome group of friends and I love every one of them. Then we of course went to the ball. One of the things that made the night so spectacular is that I had the most beautiful date in the world. Dennay is also a pretty good dancer. I also enjoyed the tour of the mansion and the magician. Saturday night will be a memory that stays with me forever. The next morning I wish I could have slept in because I was out quite late but I had to get up early for my study group for my statistics class. I think that I am sick as a result of lack of sleep, but I will overcome this illness with lots of vitamins and excercise! My study group went quite well. We got a lot of work done and I feel that understanding the work is so much easier when I'm going over it with a group of my peers. Right after my study group I had Dagorhir practice. That is always cool, hopefully I will be able to put a link to a video of the practice in my next journal because Dennay took video of it. The last thing was the superbowl, good game but my team lost. Well I'm short on time so I gotta run.

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Jan. 31st, 2005

08:49 am

Well yesterday was indeed a lot of fun! There were a few disapointing things that happened though I'll start by writing about those things. The first thing that really upset me is that my study group could not meet because the library was closed. I guess it doesn't open until 12 on Sundays. Now I need to change the time or find a new location. I'd rather find a new location I liked the time I had picked. Unfortunatly it doesn't seem that anything is open before 12 on Sunday. The other thing that bothered me about Yesterday was Dennay and I had a little fight. We don't do that too often but yesterday we did and I feel bad about it. The good news is that we talked about it and everything is ok now. I could count on one hand the amount of times we've fought in the last 2 years. The third thing that bothered me is that the time for desperate housewives was pushed back but that wasn't so bad because I really enjoy watching extreme makover home edition.
So for the part of yesterday I did enjoy! Dagorhir was so awesome. Its the most fun game I've ever played in my life. I am definatly going to be there every Sunday to play I had so much fun. At first I did poorly and I got beat really quickly during each game but it didn't take me too long before I started to do ok. I'm still not as good as some of the people that have been playing for a long time. I won't be for a while but I don't think it should take too long before I start to get really good and can move up the ranks. A lot of the people there dress up I thought that was cool, I want to make myself some medevil garb to wear for when I play. Some armor would be awesome too. I've been thinking of different ways I could make some cool but not too expensive armor. The weapons I've been told are easy to make I definatly need to get myself some of those. Dennay and I both took a bunch of pictures of the game they didn't all turn out great but you can see all of them so thats good. I uploaded them all to photobucket so they could be posted on here.
Check out those pictures they are pretty cool. Well I gotta get ready for class now.

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Jan. 29th, 2005

07:04 am - Off to Work I Go

Well I have to go to work this morning at 8am so I can't write very much but I wanted to say something. I want today to go by really fast because tomorrow I get to play Dagorhir. There is just no way I can explain how extremely excited about that I am. Before that though I have my stats study group. I'm kinda looking forward to that too so I don't fail my class. I suck really bad at this statistics stuff and I see the study group as my only hope for doing well in the class. Well I really have to go now. I sure wish I didn't have to work today.

Jan. 26th, 2005

09:30 am - You guys are so awesome!

Everything is going so awesome! I am very happy with my life right now. I think most of it has to do with all my new friends. You guys are so awesome! Also Dennay, is it just my imagination or does she get more beautiful and wonderful every day? I think my classes are going pretty well, even my stats class. I am going to have a regular study group that meets on Sunday. Of course after study group I'm going to be playing Dagorhir in the rec center, which is going to be so awesome I might PMP. It just keeps getting better. I've decided I want to have a movie night with everyone but I don't know where to have it. I want to have everyone at my house but since my parents don't like people very much that might not work out. One way or another though there is going to be a movie night!

Jan. 25th, 2005

06:53 am - Too early

I don't know really what the hell I am doing up this early in the morning. I actually woke up at like 5:30am, I had to go to the bathroom and then I was wide awake so I decided to just get up and do stuff. I am going to go to school early I think and talk to the stats tutor, that would be good because I am feeling really bad about this class. Then after my classes I am going to spend more time working on stats with my friend John. I guess I shouldn't be too worried about this class, even if I do poorly on this test it will just show me that I should have gotten help with it sooner, I have plenty of time to do well in the class. Other than that I think I'm kicking ass in school and I've never had so many friends in college before. I like being social and stuff and I love all the people I've been meeting. I can't wait till Sunday and I am going to do that dagorhir thing. I'm so excited about that I can't sleep at night. Well I haven't eaten yet so I'm really hungry, I'd say its time for breakfast. Damn I wish I wasn't so tired.

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Jan. 23rd, 2005

11:08 pm - TO BATTLE!!!

I just used the Rec Center today and I feel totally awesome for it! There is a club at OU where people fight with foam swords! Thats all I'm writing cause I don't have time but I wanted to mention those two things.

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